24 January 2017 12:30

2016 was a massive year for PiCymru. We celebated our 3rd birthday, we’ve been to a royal palace, and we’ve connected with a number of new partners to support our activities. Now to kick start 2017, we are launching one of our new projects,!

So what is is a free public Git repository hosting service, much like GitHub running on the open source Gogs platform. Why here though we hear you ask? We’re proud of Wales, and we want to provide a place where we can show you the great code, ideas and other projects that originate from this great country!

If you’re a maker, an engineer, a programmer, a student, a teacher, or just a human being living in Wales, this platform is for you and we’ve taken great time to ensure it’s the best it can be. Daily backups, encrypted communications using TLS, downloads provided by one of the fastest Content Delivery Networks, CloudFlare and fully encrypted disks you can be sure of speed and resiliancy. And, as an added bonus, public repository or private, totally free to use, unlimited, for any purpose.

But what if I need help?

We have a manned support desk, open to all your questions, just click “Support” in the navigation or e-mail our team, [email protected]

Go sign up today and give it try!

The PiCymru Team